Workplace Ethics

Society for Direct Initiative for Social and Health Action (DISHA) believes, recognizes and upholds an impartial, fair and dignified work environment for persons of all creed, caste, class, groups et al, and always strives to ensure that the workplace is free from violations on the fundamental rights of the individual to life, liberty, dignity and equality. 

DISHA believes that the right to a safe work environment free from harassment, coercion, discrimination, is integral to the rights of all its employees, including of all persons who are associated with it in any professional or vocational capacity. 

DISHA understands a fair workplace should be free from all forms of “workplace bullying”, “workplace mistreatment”, “workplace aggression”, “workplace molestation” and “workplace abuse” as these terms are all either synonymous with or belong to the category of workplace harassment. For further information please refer to our POSH Policy.