Research & Documentation Centre

From DISHA, we maintain thorough documentation of the media reports that pertain to the environment and of the letters and RTI applications that we send to various authorities from time to time, along with the responses received. We do this intending to assist like-minded activists, groups, organisations, and researchers to benefit further from our work. Our Media and Documentation Centre manages, maintains, and facilitates this process. This centre is located at our office address in Kolkata. 

Offline Media Archive (2001-2017): 

Since 2001, we are collecting and archiving media reports on environmental issues. We collect such news items from the nine prominent newspapers which are in mass circulation in Kolkata. Of these, six are Bengali language newspapers: Anandabazar Patrika, Ei Samay, Bartaman, Dainik Statesman, Pratidin, and Uttar Banga Samachar, whereas 3 are English-language newspapers: The Telegraph, Statesman, and the Times of India. 

We have archived the news items from 2001 to 2017 in hard copy. We have also compiled and published news environmental issues for the years 2008 and 2009 as Sangbade Paribesh: Paschimbanga, 2008 (Environment in News: West Bengal 2008) and Sangbade Paribesh: Paschimbanga, 2009 (Environment in News: West Bengal 2009) respectively. 

To study and scan these environment-related news items as published between 2001 and 2017, kindly make an appointment by calling the following number: 



And visit our office within the following hours: 

Monday to Friday

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You will find the address and location of our office on the Contact Us page. 


Online Media Archive (2017-Latest and updating): 

You can access our e-archive of environment-related news items published from 2017 till now in the nine newspapers specified above by clicking below: 

For news items in Bengali: 

E-archives: Bengali news on the environment 

For news items in English: 

E-archives: English news on the environment 


Online Archive:  Selected Letters

While engaging in our various activities, we wrote letters to relevant government authorities on relevant issues. Such issues include environmental protection, safeguarding the health, livelihoods, and habitats of and ensuring access to natural resources for nature-dependent communities, ensuring access to citizens services for members of marginalised communities that we work with, ensuring the implementation of laws and policies in this regard and a host of other issues connected with the areas and themes of our work. To help like-minded activists, organisations, groups, and researchers, we are happy to share some such selected letters in our brand-new e-archive. While making this selection, we have kept the contemporary relevance of the issues in mind. To access this archive, click below: 

E-archive: Letters


Online Archive:  Selected RTI Applications with Responses

The right to Information (RTI) is a vital right of the citizens of India. Exercising this right through the due process as envisaged by the RTI Act, 2005, and the Rules framed under this Act is crucial for an active and aware democracy to function. Our work involves gathering information on various aspects of health and the environment and on the various citizen services, landholding status, opportunities for livelihood and Scheme-benefits available to the marginalised communities we work with. Some of the responses to our RTI Applications that we have received from the relevant authorities reveal valuable and useful information for like-minded activists, organisations, groups, collectives, individuals, and researchers. So, to help them in their quest for a better tomorrow, we have developed an e-archive of some of our RTI Applications, along with the responses received. To access the same, please click below: 


E-archive: RTI Applications with Responses