Concern for environment, social health and human rights

Nature-oriented farming

Given our concern with toxicity and the need for conservation, we were always drawn to nature-oriented sustainable agriculture (in its various forms such as organic farming and natural farming).
Gradually, some of our activists started leaning towards the practice and we also came in contact with individuals knowledgeable in nature oriented farming methods.
In 2016, DISHA was requested by the Government of West Bengal, through the Anandadhara or the State Rural livelihood Mission (SRLM)] to help in the formation of Community Managed Sustainable Agriculture (CMSA) training teams to train rural women SHGs in environment oriented sustainable agricultural methods. DISHA’s efforts led to the creation of active CMSA training teams, employed by the Government across 5 districts in South Bengal.Although the teams are now functioning as independent state funded and state run entities, DISHA continues to keep track of their work and help and guide the personnel whenever needed.

Hands on Training

Further, DISHA has helped set up and run a training centre at Dhuchnikhali, in Sandeshkhali II Block of the Sundarbans, for training farmers in natureoriented livelihood methods.We continue to support, guide, and monitor community efforts towards environment oriented sustainable agriculture in the Sundarbans and elsewhere.

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Fishery Training
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Bee Keeping
Bee Keeping
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