Disposable plastics in general and plastic carry bags in particular have been a grave problem in waste management. DISHA advocates restrictions on plastic disposables in general and ban on polybags in particular. Efforts have been taken to build up a campaign network for the purpose.

DISHA has conducted a survey on consumption and use of polybags and plastic cups at different places of West Bengal, especially in the mountainous district of Darjeeling (in the Himalayas), and in Digha, the most important sea resort in West Bengal. Area specific campaigns have been launched for reduction of use of polybags and need for positive legislation is advocated. The state government has been successfully lobbied to ban polybags in the hills, forests and coastal regions of West Bengal. The project was supported by the Department of Environment, Government of West Bengal.

DISHA has earnestly taken up a campaign to rid the eco-sensitive Sundarban of the menace of poly bags. The campaign has been initiated in collaboration with a number of NGOs and CBOs


DISHA has initiated a campaign in West Bengal to phase out PVC – the most harmful of all plastics. Apart from publication of a folder and an info-pack a “PVC – Action Network” has been launched with the participation of a number of initiatives working in different parts of West Bengal to take forward the campaign.